The sketchbooks of Mary Theisen-Helm

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Sketchbooks often reveal more about the 'inner spirit' than do the finished works of the artist. Sketchbooks contain ideas and quick drawings that may or may not serve as the basis for later completed works. Mary carried a sketchbook with her on outings to area parks, to art school, to drawing sessions, on vacations, on art pilgrimages, and around the house. Writers, painters, and other artists are full of ideas that are forgotten as fast as they occur. Visual cues that evoke moods, emotions, or speak to the artist must be captured quickly, or be lost; thus the ever-present sketchbook.

Mary's talents were wide, but she had a special ability from early on to draw figures, landscapes, and etc. with a few deft strokes of an ink pen. Some of these little drawings I think of as her finest work; the essence of the artist. Given a minute or two to record an idea mandates that no superfluous over-working or over-thinking occur. The idea alone is captured.

This sketchbook series is not listed in detail or priced, but is supplied to the public and art-lovers to show ideas in work.


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